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Particle, Conjunction
1. although (it is a certain time or something is in a certain condition); even though normally
  • いそが忙しい
  • ところを
  • らいしゃ来社
  • いただき
  • ありがとうございました
Thank you for taking the time out to pay a visit to our company.
Other forms
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb
1. to change sides; to change places
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  • jreibun/7223/1
    • こうれい高齢
    • の両親は
    • なか
    • が良く、けんかしているところを見たことがない。いつもお互いのことを思いやっている。
    My elderly parents are close, and I have never seen them argue. They always look out for each other. Jreibun
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