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Noun, Adverb
1. in the first place; to begin with; from the start; originally; ab initioUsually written using kana alone
  • そもそも
  • なぜ
  • とり
  • いどう移動
  • する
  • だろうか
  • In the first place, why do the birds migrate at all?
2. after all; anyway; actually; well, ...; ... on earth (e.g. "what on earth?"); ... in the world (e.g. "why in the world?")Usually written using kana alone, used when bringing up something already mentioned
  • そもそも
  • じこ事故
  • たいはん大半
  • ねったいうりん熱帯雨林
  • ではなく
  • みぢか身近な
  • ばしょ場所
  • おこる
  • である
  • Most accidents, after all, happen around the corner, not in the rainforest.
Noun, No-adjective
3. beginning; startUsually written using kana alone
Other forms
抑々 【そもそも】抑抑 【そもそも】抑も 【そもそも】
抑も: Irregular okurigana usage.
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1. going back to the beginning (in a discussion, argument, etc.); returning to the fundamental points (of the issue at hand); discussion of how things began (in the first place)See also そもそも
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  • 74382
    • そもそも
    • しめいてはい指名手配
    • された
    • だけ
    • はんにん犯人
    • じゃない
    • です
    In any case, just being wanted by the police isn't enough to make you "a criminal." Tatoeba
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