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Adverb (fukushi), Adverb taking the 'to' particle
1. all; completely; totally; entirely; thoroughlyOnomatopoeic or mimetic word
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  • jreibun/3613/1
    • いちにねん1、2年
    • は、大学時代の
    • ゆうじん友人
    • たちともよく連絡を取り合っていたが、仕事が忙しくなると連絡も
    • とだ途絶えがち
    • になり、最近はすっかり
    • そえん疎遠
    • になってしまった。
    For a year or two after I graduated from college, I kept in touch with some of my college friends, but as I got busier with work, I tended to lose touch with them, and recently we have completely lost contact. Jreibun
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