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Noun, Suru verb, Intransitive verb
1. corresponding to; being applicable to; being relevant to; coming under; falling under; fulfilling (requirements); meeting (conditions); qualifying for
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1. person concerned; person qualified; person in question; party; litigant (legal)
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Na-adjective (keiyodoshi), Noun
1. profundity; extensive (knowledge)
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Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
1. not applicable; n/a
Other forms
該当無し 【がいとうなし】
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Kanji — 1 found

13 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
above-stated, the said, that specific
On: ガイ
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がいき 【該毅】
Unclassified name
1. Gaiki
がいき 【該紀】
Unclassified name
1. Gaiki
がいし 【該志】
Unclassified name
1. Gaishi
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