10 strokes
man, human 人 (亻)
overthrow, fall, collapse, drop, break down
Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high
JLPT level N3
791 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 倒産 【トウサン】 (corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency, commercial failure, failed business
  • 倒閣 【トウカク】 overthrow of government
  • 傾倒 【ケイトウ】 devoting oneself to, concentrating on, being an ardent admirer of, having great esteem for, tipping over and collapsing
  • 風倒 【フウトウ】 falling due to a strong wind, being toppled by the wind

Kun reading compounds

  • 倒れる 【たおれる】 to fall (over, down), to collapse, to take a fall, to topple, to be destroyed (in a collapse), to collapse, to cave in, to crumble, to give away, to be confined to bed (with an illness), to come down with, to break down (e.g. from overwork), to die, to be killed, to go bankrupt (of a company, bank, etc.), to fail, to collapse, to go under, to be defeated (in a game), to lose, to fall (of a government, dictator, etc.), to be overthrown
  • 倒す 【たおす】 to throw down, to bring down, to blow down, to fell, to knock down, to set (something) down on its side, to turn (something) on its side, to recline (e.g. a seat), to kill, to defeat, to beat, to overthrow, to trip up, to ruin, to leave unpaid, to cheat
  • 逆さま 【さかさま】 inverted, upside down, reversed, back to front, wrong way round
  • 逆様事 【さかさまごと】 child dying before parents, occurrence out of sequence, wrong order
  • 逆さま 【さかさま】 inverted, upside down, reversed, back to front, wrong way round
  • 逆さ 【さかさ】 inverted, upside down, reversed, back to front
  • 逆しま 【さかしま】 reverse, inversion, upside down, unreasonable, absurd, wrong


Mandarin Chinese (pinyin):
dao3, dao4


  • caida
  • derribo
  • derrocar
  • hacer caer
  • derribar
  • caer
  • caerse


  • Queda de regime
  • queda
  • colapso
  • gota
  • deposição


  • renverser
  • tomber
  • s'écrouler
  • dégringoler
  • s'effondrer
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