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The definitions of white and black on jisho.org

The definitions of white and black in Japanese on jisho.org include, white means innocence or innocent person and black means guilt or guilty person. My Australian Year 3 Junior High School students alerted me to this. They were shocked and dismayed by it. I took screenshots but it is not possible to add attachments here.

jisho.org is a fabulous dictionary and freely provides an amazing service to learners of the Japanese language. But these inaccurate and racist definitions need to be deleted from jisho.org.

Leebo at 2024-03-15 03:13:30 UTC

How are they inaccurate?

Have you looked at a monolingual dictionary?


That is, assuming this isn't just a troll post.

Leebo at 2024-03-15 03:16:35 UTC

And it goes without saying that there's nothing racial about it, since it's not about skin color.

Fredora at 2024-03-15 03:24:43 UTC

Black-white dualism started when god separated the light from the dark on His first day of Creation.

The definitions you named are in no way inaccurate and this definitely isn't a Japanese-only thing, either.

Just try naming more than a handful of examples where good is represented by darkness and evil by light in any given culture.

Beelzebubbles at 2024-03-18 08:13:58 UTC

Oh my god! We'll alert the Japanese immediately that their language has been disapproved of by Australian year three junior high students!

Your troll failed.

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