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Simplifying the search for the word Late

I wonder if there’s a way to suggest how a search might be edited. I wanted to see if there was another way to say late besides 遅い、but when I typed the word late into the search field no entry meaning late came up. There was an entry for Latte, Latin, Latex, etc. but no 遅い or any native Japanese word expressing lateness. I did find 遅い & other terms if I typed in “late” using quotation marks, but I would expect to be able to search for such a common word by simply typing it in. Any way to ask the developers to amend the search?

Leebo at 2023-09-10 22:29:51 UTC

This is a consequence of the first thing mentioned on the search documentation page.


If a simple English word you want to search for coincidentally happens to be a valid romaji string, you need to put quotation marks around it. But this isn't something the developer overlooked or did accidentally.

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