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Please fix 𠮟 and add the meaning and info and fix 剝 and add meaning.

These are the Jōyō forms of 叱 and 剥, respectively. Also, add the finished kanji to the stroke orders, make the stroke orders an 8 grid by 4 grid image, and make the stroke width 1, all of this only for your Jōyō kanji, including the ones added here.

KanjiJew613 at 2022-05-19 23:40:12 UTC

As well, fix the pages for 淫, 葛, 僅, 煎, 詮, 嘲, 捗, 溺, 塡, 賭, 剝, 箸, 蔽, 頰, 茨, 牙, 韓, 𠮟, 栃, 餌, 遡, 遜, 謎, and 餅 Jōyō Kanji. See Wiktionary for Hyōgai Forms. They should all say that they are Jōyō Kanji.

Leebo at 2022-05-20 20:08:56 UTC

Jisho just displays information from its database sources. Submit changes to the appropriate places if you want to.

arvid at 2022-05-23 07:52:54 UTC

kinda rude comment ngl

Leebo at 2022-05-23 08:25:40 UTC

@arvid are you referring to what I said? It certainly wasn't meant to be rude. The FAQ details how to submit changes to the appropriate databases to make changes to Jisho. Anyone reading this forum has the same ability to submit changes as anyone else, so it's best to submit changes directly than to ask others to do it for you.

Leebo at 2022-05-23 08:27:09 UTC

And just to be clear, I'm just another user like anyone else here. I'm not the Jisho admin or something.

Kimtaro Admin at 2022-05-29 08:05:45 UTC

@KanjiJew613 As @Leebo suggested, most information in Jisho comes from other sources, and you can suggest changes directly to those projects.

However, given that I have intimate knowledge of the affected projects, I have written to Jim Breen, who maintains the kanji data, and suggested specific changes to correct 𠮟, 叱, 剝 and 剥.

For 叱 and 𠮟, the Joyo standard specifically calls out that while they are separate characters, because of how they're used they can be treated as variants of the same character. "「𠮟」と「叱」は本来別字とされるが,その使用実態から見て,異体の関係にある同字と認めることができる。"

It should also be noted that 𠮟 and 剝 were added in the JIS0213 standard, which is not supported in some encodings like EUC-JP. I'm surmising, but this could be a historical technical reason why they are not yet noted as Joyo in the Kanjidic2 project.

I could find no issues with 淫, 葛, 僅, 煎, 詮, 嘲, 捗, 溺, 塡, 賭, 箸, 蔽, 頰, 茨, 牙, 韓, 栃, 餌, 遡, 遜, 謎, and 餅. @KanjiJew613 if you have specific issues with those kanji, could you please add the details to this thread.

I have no plans to change the stroke order diagrams on the current site, but will reevaluate as work progresses on the new version.

@Leebo not rude at all. I appreciate all your help with the forum m(_ _)m

Kimtaro Admin at 2022-06-06 01:32:19 UTC

𠮟 and 剝 now have joyo information and some updated information.

KanjiJew613 at 2022-06-07 15:33:06 UTC

Thanks! You should also fix the stroke order diagrams. Gray strokes are the strokes that have not been drawn, Green strokes are the strokes that you draw in each step, red indicates the beginning of a new stroke, and Black represents the strokes that have been drawn already. The beginning of the stroke order diagrams should have the strokes all gray, and in the end, all the strokes should be black. Please do this, Kimtaro!

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