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Missing kanji for kunyomi reading カタログ of 型 #kanji

I can't seem to find the original source of this information, but it's the only occurence of a missing yomi example kanji I've seen.

Leebo at 2022-05-08 03:39:38 UTC

You're saying that the kanji 型 has a reading of カタログ? You can't find the source, you say, but can you remember at least what kind of source it was? Like, an actual dictionary or kanji dictionary?

Kanjipedia (the digital dictionary of the Kanken organization) has no mention of カタログ as a reading for this kanji.

デジタル大辞泉 does mention カタログ, but only as a reading for the jukugo 型録, not for the single kanji alone.

Jisho's entry for カタログ mentions the same kanji compound.

Did you really find something that says 型 alone (without 録) can be read as カタログ?

h7x4 at 2022-05-09 16:53:31 UTC

I'm sorry, I think my post was a little bit too undetailed.

I'm working on an API which scrapes and parses data from the website.
The API broke when it expected all kunyomi and onyomi example readings of a kanji search to be in this specific format:

kanji 【kana】 meanings

The kanji search that made it break was 型, because it has a kunyomi example reading of カタログ with the kanji part missing. All other 2000 jouyou kanji does not have this problem, so this is probably just a mistake (it also doesn't really make sense that the kanji is missing in an example reading of a kanji).

I couldn't figure out which of the sources (kanjidic, jmdict, etc.) the example reading came from, so I couldn't check whether it was jisho.org or its data sources fault.

Check the readings at

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