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This is a discussion about 十字の描き方

Add the prononciation

I've noticed that there is no reading in katakana. The reading is じゅうじのかきかた Does somoene how to
contact someone who could add it ?

Leebo at 2022-04-17 01:01:45 UTC

There is no dictionary entry for it, that's why it doesn't have a reading listed. It's an automatically generated entry from a Wikipedia article. Consult the FAQ for how to submit entries to the database that Jisho uses. Jisho doesn't make content for the dictionary, they just display various freely available databases.

BisSenshi at 2022-04-17 16:20:11 UTC

I see. Thanks! I'll ask for an entry then.

Kimtaro Admin at 2022-04-24 23:25:38 UTC

Thanks for adding this to JMdict. Jisho picked it up and this entry now has the reading included.

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