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Context for 片隅

I wanted to clarify what the difference between 隅 and 片隅 is... I understand that it might be that, 隅 just means a physical corner, while 片隅 specifically regards a placement of something in the corner.

I don't want to assume, however, so I need a bit of help knowing for sure.

XSNRG42 at 2022-01-20 20:31:45 UTC

Update: Got inspiration from another post to translate a Japanese dictionary, want to make sure this nuance understanding is correct:

隅 is the corner (かど, literal physical corner) of a completely enclosed area, such as a building/ room,

片隅 is the inside of the corner, "in the corner", where something may exist in or be interacting with?

That's the best I can do on my own, still would like confirmation.

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