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Search using images?

can you search using images on jisho? Such as taking a screenshot of text, and then searching it on into Jisho?

I ask this, because some text you may not be able to copy and paste, such as images

Kimtaro Admin at 2022-01-20 03:10:54 UTC

Sorry, this is not possible with Jisho.

XSNRG42 at 2022-01-20 20:15:03 UTC

No, but there are ways to build kanji, radical by radical, on this website, based on the number of strokes in each radical. It is unfortunately a lot of work, but well worth the struggle if you're trying to learn Japanese.

Kritooki at 2022-01-20 21:41:49 UTC

Besides the above answer, you can try jotoba.de - maybe that can recognize it?

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