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What verb should I use when I want to say, “to play music?”

I’ve been wondering this for a while but never got around to looking online about it. I looked it up on the dictionary but couldn’t find the right verb. The only verbs I could find were 吹く and 遊ぶ. While 吹く does mean “to play music” it refers to an instrument (also 引くsometimes). But 遊ぶ means to play with something like a toy, or children playing. If I’m talking about playing music from a speaker or phone, what should I use?

Leebo at 2021-12-24 03:17:03 UTC

Playing music from a speaker is 流す. Definition 3.


The English description is broad and neutral to the point of being unnatural, but you can use this for transitively playing music over a speaker.

The corresponding intransitive verb is 流れる. Definition 5.


HalfSanitized at 2021-12-24 03:51:28 UTC

Ok, thank you. This helps!

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