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Bad English Translation

Based on every example sentence that jisho provides and how I've seen this word used I think "suspension" should be replaced with "cancellation". "Stoppage" is provided which means the same thing but "suspension" seems extremely out of place.

Leebo at 2021-12-13 20:58:37 UTC

I'm not sure why you're okay with stoppage but not suspension. They're can be interchangeable when talking about temporarily pausing something.

Leebo at 2021-12-13 21:14:38 UTC

Just to clarify, I just mean there are possibly times when they basically mean the same thing, not that they always can be switched out.

In a sporting event:
Stoppage of play
Suspension of play

Both sound fine to me and mean similar things, though different sports might define them differently I suppose.

Patriott at 2021-12-25 14:29:34 UTC

Yeah I agree it can replace 'suspension" also. Stoppage just has a more "cancellation" feel to me I guess so that meaning/feeling just came to me more strongly.

Leebo at 2021-12-26 03:23:55 UTC

Hmm... in soccer/football, stoppage is just any time the players aren't actively playing because of injuries, video reviews, etc. In that usage it's very temporary, as opposed to 中止 which sounds like the game not going to be finished.

Comparing the English and Japanese is always going to end up with strange situations like that. Best to confirm things with a monolingual dictionary when in doubt.

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