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What is the purpose of 殺 in this sentence?

I am currently reading Jujustu Kaisen Vol. 0 for vocab and reading practice. I came across the kanji 殺 which jisho says it means kill, and it's pronounced as ころ. However the furigana in the manga says it's pronounced as のろ, is this a printing error? I am reading on paperback.

Full transcript of the sentence: 逆に何人呪い殺されるか分かりません

jakobd2 at 2021-10-13 16:15:47 UTC

呪い殺す would be read as のろいころす. Are you sure the ruby (furigana) there are given for 殺 and not 呪? In general, sometimes authors will use their own unique readings or alternative readings for kanji (for example you could write 人生 and give ライフ as furigana). But in this case, I would say it's probably not that.

xdste at 2021-10-13 18:04:57 UTC

Yeah I'm sure it's given for both 呪 and 殺, but your probably right about the unique reading. Also, I don't wanna ask for too much, but could you translate 逆に何人呪い殺されるか分かりません? Thanks in advance.

fello3 at 2021-10-13 21:40:44 UTC

DeepL may not always be 100% accurate but it is a useful tool

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