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This is a discussion about 手に入る


Hi. Can anyone tell me if this phrase is only used for things (ex: ítems) or it can be used for abstract things (ex: emotions) or an action (get something done). Thanks

Leebo at 2021-03-14 03:33:35 UTC

It can be used for abstract things.

Like, you can say 幸せが手に入った

I don't really see what you mean by the "actions" though. This seems like a very different usage of "get" in English. Basically, if "get" means "obtain" then it's probably okay, but in "get something done" the word "get" doesn't really mean "obtain." It's more like "set out to do" or "achieve" depending on how it gets used, I feel. So that wouldn't have anything to do with 手に入る.

Lyza at 2021-04-03 10:25:29 UTC

sure bro

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