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What is the causitive-passive of 待つ?

In Jisho, the affirmative causitive-passive of 待つ is 待たせられる, while in Genki we are taught 待たされる. The same discrepancy seems to exist for the two or three other godan verbs that I compared. What's the story here? Am I missing something? Any help appreciated....

Leebo at 2021-01-13 14:19:55 UTC

待たされる is the passive of 待たす, a transitive verb meaning "to make someone wait."

So, 待たす effectively means the same thing as 待たせる, the causative of 待つ. 待たせられる would be the causative-passive for 待たせる, but since 待たす is transitive already, it's passive ends up meaning basically as 待たせる’s causative-passive.

So, 待たせられる and 待たされる are not conjugations of the same verb, but they do effectively mean the same thing.

Leebo at 2021-01-13 14:21:18 UTC

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