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Another way to use laugh

草(くさ)Means "grass" also used for "LOL"<slang. People also use the letter "w" or more w's to mean laughing/LOL because it looks like grass!
So like 1 or more w's means laughing.
(I know people know this but its not in here)

Leebo at 2021-01-04 07:32:33 UTC

I feel like you've got the reasoning backwards. W is used for laughing because of わら or わらう. Then 草 became slang for laughing because many w's looks like grass. Not the other way around.

RevivedErmine at 2021-01-05 03:07:21 UTC

Ah! I have recently seeing more w's than grass now. Is why I am kind of saying this. I knew what 笑 is anyway.

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