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[SUGGESTION] Kanji search via similar Kanji

Hi guys,
I've been using Jisho for years, before using Jisho I remember those physical Kanji dictionaries that you actually had to learn to use and depending on how well versed you were with the dictionary's system it could you take ages to find an obscure Kanji.
So I am well aware of how powerful an online dictionary like Jisho is. It made this process soooooooo much easier and faster. But I think it can be even better.

A lot of the time when I search for a Kanji I don't know I still recognize its components, often times it looks very similar to a Kanji I see pretty often. So I think it'd be really cool if you could search a Kanji by first searching for a Kanji that you can quickly find with the on or kun reading that you memorized and then use it as a launch point to find what you actually want.
When you look at Kanji details you can already see the section with parts, to see what radicals Jisho associates with that Kanji. If you could then select those to search for a similar Kanji that would really speed things up instead of looking up the radicals in the long list.

What do you guys think?

itunes at 2021-01-03 23:07:09 UTC

I wrote a userscript that makes searching that long radical list a little easier. You can define your own radical definitions, type that in the search box and press enter.

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