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How would you say "If I have the time to, I would play tennis on the weekend with my family."

Please help me translate this sentence.

Leebo at 2020-12-09 23:09:08 UTC


もし is optional, but signals to the listener that a hypothetical is coming.

This situation is not particularly unlikely, so you can translate this "would" as したい.

If it's an unlikely hypothetical, like winning the lottery, you would use phrasing that suggests the unlikeliness.


If I won 100 million yen in the lottery, I would travel around the world.

Maulrus at 2020-12-17 12:25:51 UTC

Just to clarify @Leebo, もし implies that the sentence is completely hypothetical, whilst using the potential form without could be indicating that it is a genuine possibility and, if the requirement(s) is/are met, 'that' is what will happen?

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