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Learn Kanji

I try to learn Japanese and I wonder how I should learn kanji.
Do you have a method that worked well for you ?
Any tips ?

jarmanso7 at 2020-06-22 20:42:54 UTC

Whatever method you choose, I highly recommend learning kanji as parts of real words instead of learning them as isolated units.

In my case, what I do is memorizing each kanji for every new vocabulary word I learn. Depending on your goals, this approach might be overkilling (it takes so much time that you could invest in other areas such as grammar or vocabulary itself) and it can slow you down. If you feel it's too much, instead of every single new kanji, you can focus on learning only those kanji in the lower school grades or JLPT levels only, and it still would be good as long as you learn them within real words. I've heard more than one case where a student memorized tons of kanji as single pieces and found it not so useful when producing or trying to read actual Japanese, because kanji are NOT words, and usually you want to learn Kanji to be able to read and write actual Japanese.

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