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Help needed in translating character name.

Greetings, i am almost completely new to Japanese language, but quite interested in it.
I am writing a story, and a character in it should have japanese name.

Could someone, please, help me to create a believable name which would mean something close to "Starchaser".

Note that his short name is Mugen, which means -- at least as i know -- "eternal"; so the meaning of the full name has to have this part in it.
I am more than happy to see some puns, different meanings, etc, which may result from different ways of reading/writing.

Multiple meanings are extremely welcomed, but it would be cool if the main "flavor" or "vibe" stayed the same.

Some tips and additional meanings to consider:

-- Eternal blue fire
-- Star/stardust
-- Herder/starherd

P.S. In a perfect world, i would like the character to have name meaning "Tiger-dragon, who is chasing (herding/guarding, or even leading) the Eternal blue starfire", but, obviously, looking more beautiful and believable in Japanese.

I am also totally fine with almost ridiculously long names, too!

Shakh at 2020-03-08 16:02:01 UTC

If it's too complicated, i am readily welcoming anyone who can explain me, how to combine words correctly to achieve what i need.

Lyza at 2020-03-08 23:25:46 UTC

不死火 従美(female)/不死火 従三(male):しなずか(last name) よりみ/じゅうぞう (first name)
shinazu is a quite poetic way to spell 不死 (dont die, live forever ~ eternal => mugen)
火: fire can be a subtle way to mean star (since stars burn and shine)
不死火: eternal fire/star
従: mean to follow, obey or accompany(yori is old way to read, juu is how it is read nowadays, since we talking names, we can use whatever hehe)
美: beauty popular for female name
三:popular for male name; probably often (but not necessaryly) indicating third son

Shakh at 2020-03-10 07:55:26 UTC

Oh, my Dog, Lyza, that's wonderful!
I highly appreciate your help, thank you!

Nevertheless, if anyone has their ideas, please feel free to share as well, i would love to see more examples <3

Leebo at 2020-03-10 23:11:34 UTC

Is "Starchaser" a believable name in English?

bryan6384 at 2020-03-11 07:46:29 UTC

regarding your Eternal Blue Star Fire

永 - Naga(i) (other writing for long, please check the dictionary) -means eternity
青 - Ao - Blue
星 - Hoshi - star
火 - Hi- Fire

Maybe if we read it by their Onyomi - it will be read as "Eisei seika" or "Eishou Seika"

You can play with Japanese words, from Kunyomi, Onyomi or even in Ate-Ji

Lyza at 2020-03-13 09:41:02 UTC

時無星 辿弦蘿 ときなぼし(last name) たどつるら(first name)
this one is a bit stretch but bear with me :))
時無: time and nonexistence ==> timeless ==> eternal
星: star obviously
辿:trace, follow
弦:string ==> gives more sense of connection
蘿:ivy, a type of vine plant (japanese names often have plant name in them, i think it's pretty that way)
if you take the middle kanji of both last name and first name you get 無弦: which doesnt have meaning BUT using their On type of reading ==> you get mugen (in the official name above, i used kun type reading)
蘿:normally read "tsuta" but if you reverse it you get "tatsu" ==> 竜: dragon (a bit stretch, japanese dont really use this kind of hidden meaning i think, but watever xD)

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