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履歴に残っている量が少ない There is small amount for history

履歴としって残っている単語は少ないです 調べた後にも 何辺から何辺まで 残りたいのですが そこを何とかしてください
例えば 50こくらい残したいとか
50こ が過ぎたら自動的に削除するとか

small place for the history so I can't remenber what did I search for so plz make
a button for the history and we can deside the amount of word in history after that automatically delete
BTW Nice work admin I have never seen a dictionary on web like this まーIOSの日本語というアップほどではないけどね これもこれでいいです

HataReizu at 2020-02-09 18:35:44 UTC


There is already a history function. When you sign in, there is a small bar on the right when you search for a word that shows you the words you have searched. Granted, you can't display 50 words at once but it's there.

Minkogyi at 2020-02-11 11:49:40 UTC

でも12語しか表していないのですが それじゃ少ない過ぎるというか そこを何とかお考え直しください よろしくお願いします。
But there is only 12 word for the entire history so I think it is too small for a history .I like to suggest to change that case . Thank you

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