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readings of 贅 and 県

I noticed that the kun readings of both this kanji don't seem to be used. Also on checking in Kodansha and Nelson I saw that there are no Kun readings for both this Kanji given. Also the On reading for 贅 is given with ゼイ (seems to be a case of 慣用音).

HataReizu at 2020-01-06 23:07:34 UTC

The only reading of 贅 used in modern Japanese is ぜい and yes it is a 慣用音 as the expected reading is せい. Not sure why this is but I think it could have been influenced by the reading in Modern Chinese which is zhui

The only reading of 県 used in modern Japanese is けん

I wouldn't recommend memorising all the kanji readings given in Jisho as the database also includes readings that are archaic. If you wanna see which readings are used contemporarily I like to use https://kanji.jitenon.jp/, which places a triangle next to readings which are not commonly used.

espiacent at 2020-01-07 08:29:26 UTC

Thanks for the tip!

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