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Adding the Word 三角表示板 to the Dictionary

Are we able to submit words to be added? I notice there isn't an entry for 三角表示板, which is an object not so often used in the States but we do have a word for it: "warning triangle".

Leebo at 2019-10-31 22:24:12 UTC

It is possible to submit words so they end up in Jisho, but you wouldn't submit them to Jisho itself.

Jisho is just a means of displaying various freely available Japanese dictionary databases. You'd have to submit something to the appropriate database (they're all in the about page) and if it was accepted then it would show up everywhere that database is used, not just Jisho.

Lath at 2019-10-31 22:26:06 UTC

Sounds good! Thank you.

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