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This is a discussion about 教わる

教わる is not intransitive.

Jisho lists 教わる as an intransitive verb, but its actually a transitive verb with a "passive" meaning.

For example you could make the sentence:


which means "I was taught Japanese" and 日本語 is the direct object of 教わる。

教わる・教える do not form an intransitive/transitive pair and instead form a pair of two transitive verbs similar to 預かる・預ける, both of which can take a direct object(傘を預かってもらいました・彼に傘を預けました)and both of which are correctly listed by Jisho as transitive. So 教わる should be changed to reflect this.

Leebo at 2019-10-27 11:41:26 UTC

You would have to submit a change to the appropriate database. Jisho just displays freely available resources. They can't go in and directly change the entry from their side.

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