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This is a discussion about 誇示

In this sentence, it's written on hiragana: does it is the same word?


Like I said in the title, I came across a sentence when "koji" is written hiragana, but I'm not totally sure it's the same word.
Can someone confirm? Thank you very much.


Leebo at 2019-08-30 09:40:52 UTC


I don't see how 誇示 could work grammatically.

FriendlyMochi at 2019-08-31 07:05:10 UTC

Oh, thank you !

Curious, I thinked I had written it entirely before trying separately... Seems not !

Well, for the grammatical part, I thinked it was juste these words put thogether for creating a new one. :/
So, it wouldn't work either way ? Interesting... Thank you.

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