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I've noticed we don't have this term in the dictionary. I think it should be added with the definition of "turning into a book" (書籍) or maybe "publishing". I came across it in a booklet that explained how a web novel was picked up by Futabasha and turned into a printed book that became a hit.

jakobd2 at 2019-05-21 22:35:32 UTC

There's already: https://jisho.org/word/化

It can be used with nearly every word, I don't see the point in adding new entries for every pair-wise combination of nouns and suffixes that exist.

Having said that, the decision would be up to the dictionary maintainers at JMdict. (See sources linked in the footer of the page.)

MarcusR at 2019-06-06 08:20:18 UTC

I've made an entry suggestion of this to JMdict. Remember for the future that whenever you stumble upon a word you think should be in the dictionary but isn't, you can submit it to JMdict here:

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