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Chansey's Fortune Cookie Kanji

Another video game question: In the game Pokémon Channel there is one occasion where kanji are depicted
on the screen. It's when you activate the Chansey's Fortune Cookie channel. There are three kanji and the first two are
答語 but I can't decipher the last one. When I wrote it at Google translator, it gave me 餅 but I'm not sure if that is right. And when I enter these kanji here, Jisho just gives me info about the third kanji. I made a screenshot and uploaded it:


Thank you for your help!

Leebo at 2019-05-02 00:55:44 UTC

Yeah, you have the right kanji, but what is shown is an obsolete form. You can see the modern one and the old one here.


Korados at 2019-05-03 20:14:58 UTC

Thank you very much! But the obsolete kanji is viewable on Jissho, too. Interestingly, I guess that the characters are actually meant to be traditional chinese. The last character (mochi) is shown like in the game when I set Google translator to traditional chinese. And when I enter them at a chinese online dictionary, they directly translate to fortune cookie while the japanese translator makes something like "answer word cake" out of it.

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