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New word "奇獣"

I found that the word "奇獣" is not registered in the dictionary.
Meaning: rare, unusual beast
(from jap. dictionary: 珍しいけもの )
Please kindly add it or let me know how can i add it to the dictionary.

I love jisho, the best online en-jap dictionary in the web, and want to help to make it even more better.

Leebo at 2019-02-09 08:17:11 UTC

Jisho is just a platform for displaying the contents of freely available dictionary databases. Jisho can't add content or change content directly. You have to submit suggestions directly to the appropriate databases. If it's accepted, it would appear in every site or app that uses that database for E-J dictionaries.

jarmanso7 at 2019-02-18 11:09:16 UTC

To kindly answer your question, you can submit your new entry here


Here you are a prefilled example of how the entry submission should look like:


to reply.