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I received a tatto in an inebriated state. Can you tell me what it means? According to the site, it means "full moon"

VodkaVickie at 2019-01-10 21:41:22 UTC

望 similar to this but the first two symbols are connected

jakobd2 at 2019-01-11 12:02:31 UTC

Hello VodkaVickie. I hope I will never receive a tattoo in an inebriated state. Would it be possible to show the tattoo to us? Or maybe you could try to make a drawing that looks like it? Then I think I could better help you.
望 can indeed have the meaning of "full moon" in some words, but most often is used to stand for "looking far" or "wishing for". However, if it's not exactly this character the meaning could be something completely different. But there's also the possibility the same character is just written a bit different or in a different style (or if the person doing the tattoo was also inebriated or just not an expert on Chinese characters, there could also be the case of an error).
If you want to post an image here, just upload it to a picture sharing site like imgur.com and post the link in a comment here.

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