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common word

How to download all the words which tagged as "common word".
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jakobd2 at 2019-01-08 15:16:39 UTC

Hey. Well, you could use the Jisho.org API, which isn't really linked anywhere except the forums: https://jisho.org/forum/54fefc1f6e73340b1f160000-is-there-any-kind-of-search-api
If that doesn't work you could of course also scrape the pages yourself.

However, the best method is maybe to go directly to the source of the information, the JMdict file. (see link in the footer) That file includes all words of the dictionary. In order to filter out only the "common words" you have to take a look at the "ke_pri" field. If this field is set to one of these values: "news1", "ichi1", "spec1", "spec2" or "gai1", then it is a "common word". If you use the EDICT file, then you only have to look if the marker "(P)" is present, which has the same meaning.

In general most source data that is used by Jisho.org can be downloaded like this in raw form and used for your personal projects without limitations. Only redistribution may be prohibited (check for each data source before you share stuff with anyone).

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