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Site updates, December 2018

I pushed out a few small updates the past weekend.

First of all I have fixed the caching system that's the culprit behind Jisho's entries not always being up to date with the database file JMDict. This was reported here: https://jisho.org/forum/5be9d2aed5dda709bd0002dc-jmdict-is-out-of-date

Now Jisho should show daily changes from JMDict.

I have also fixed the bug that caused forum threads to sometimes not show replies in chronological order.

I have also made some minor adjustments to the log in system that hopefully will help some people who have had issues logging in. I also removed the dialog box that said that "Jisho has recently moved to a new log in system", since that has not been true for a long while :)

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