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Issues with Draw on Touchscreen Laptop

I've been using my Chromebook with a touchscreen to draw kanji for a while now, but for some reason when I went to do it today it stopped working. I can still draw if I click with my mouse cursor, hold, and drag, but for some reason I can't with my finger or with a stylus. Has anyone experienced this problem and/or have any thoughts on how to fix it?

jakobd2 at 2018-11-30 14:49:07 UTC

I haven't experienced any irregularities but I also don't possess a Chromebook. Did you already try out some common troubleshooting steps like rebooting? Maybe there also has been a software update in your web browser or the underlying operating system changing the way you can interact with the website. In that case, using a different browser could be a solution if that's possible on your platform. Maybe it's also possible to contact the vendor about this problem if you conclude that it is in fact a software bug.

The only device with a touchscreen that I own is an iPhone. Sometimes you can't draw kanji on Jisho.org and the only candidate you get is an "f". That bug was already reported on this forums by several people, but exists to this day. It is usually easily solved by reloading the page, though.

melvlee at 2018-12-01 03:04:53 UTC

Thanks for the answer for the “f” bug.
However, the recognition for kanji overall seems poor? I can’t seem to get it to recognise even the simplest kanji, let alone more complex ones. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some way to see all the strokes I’m writing? Each stroke disappears as soon as I draw the next one...

melvlee at 2018-12-01 03:08:19 UTC

Okay, reloading the page (again) seems to help the visibility of the drawn strokes. But I’m afraid the recognition is still a bit hit and miss...

Kimtaro Admin at 2018-12-04 00:06:18 UTC

There's a few issues going on here unfortunately. First of all the program that does the actual recognition is not that great. That's why even if you write something clearly it doesn't find the right kanji.

Then there's an issue with some of the requests to the handwriting recognition that causes it to just return "f". I think this has to do with the setup I have on one of the two servers that host Jisho.

Lastly, when we wrote the client side code for the handwriting recognition a lot of the modern style tablets and half tablets/half computers didn't exist or were very new, so we didn't adjust the code to take that into account.

These are all things I need to fix.

sleepy_mimi at 2019-02-21 01:40:59 UTC

Thanks! Sorry I missed this - I appreciate the responses.

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