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Feature request: Japanese interpretation

Kudos on the creation of this site! Exactly the style that I want to use everyday, however I just have one suggestion: can we optionally have Japanese interpretation? Thanks,

Leebo at 2018-03-10 23:58:52 UTC

What exactly are you asking for?

Do you want the Japanese definition, written in the style of a Japanese dictionary?

If you say "interpretation," it sounds less like a dictionary, and more like someone's opinion of the usage of the words. That would be like a blog about language.

Both sound like they are outside of Jisho's scope though. There are many excellent Japanese dictionary websites.

Just as a side note, usually "interpretation" in the context of language means "the act of translating spoken language," like when you see people wearing earphones at the UN. They are listening to an interpreter translate into their language. But I think it's clear that that would be an unreasonable request for Jisho, haha.

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