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Help identify a kanji found in magazine

I have a collection of Japanese magazines and books that I use to aid my learning. I am usually able to find the kanji without issue but this one is a doozie. The images are huge so I don't want to embed them as they'll take up the whole screen:

Image 1: https://content.screencast.com/users/RichardPressler/folders/Jing/media/b99bd4ec-1d33-4f5c-849b-da6dcfddf52e/00000769.png

Image 2: https://content.screencast.com/users/RichardPressler/folders/Jing/media/5c7a52a6-4cb3-49fa-82e1-6ae8481c8d24/00000770.png

I've tried using the Google Translate app's kanji drawing capability. Usually, it will find me the kanji, then I can copy/paste the typed character into jisho.org. However, this one is so complex and kind of hard to identify every stroke against the background in the magazine, so I think I'm making mistakes drawing it that prevent the app from correctly identifying it.

I also tried using jisho.org's radical search to no avail. I'm still quite rusty identifying radicals in 10+ stroke kanji.

I even poured over every kanji listed in Wikipedia's kanji page between 14 and 16 strokes several times and could not find it.

I was hoping someone here might be able to identify it and just type it into the forum so I can plug it into jisho.org and go from there :emoji_smile:


Zengor at 2018-02-15 19:59:00 UTC

That's 犠 in 犠牲. In this if you can identify the second kanji you can always do a search like this: http://jisho.org/search/*牲
Sometimes you have a full word but a simple wildcard search would be too broad or you don't know both kanji, so a tool like kantan is useful: http://itayperl.github.io/kantan/ui/
You just add a [] and put in any radicals you can identify from the kanji, so something like this: http://itayperl.github.io/kantan/ui/#/[牛][牛]
or even this: http://itayperl.github.io/kantan/ui/#/[牛]牲

Lyza at 2018-02-16 07:13:42 UTC

for future searching, 犠 contains ⽜(4 strokes) ⼽ (4 strokes) ⼿ (4 strokes) ⽺ (6 strokes)

Lyza at 2018-02-16 07:32:36 UTC

also Code Geass, love it, love C.C.

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