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how do you teach katakana shi so tsu no n i know how

i am teaching my self japaneze no teacher and i have a lot of trouble after 5 yearz with katakana shi so tsu no n for which iz which after all my yearz of searching normaly how to learn not forcing to find the answer i found a good place to learn how to learn theze

with this quiz


after uzing this quiz i found that shi iz more horizontal to tsu and so first stroke iz before n if layered over each other so i know that it horizontal az shi for the double dash, then layer over so over n for the first dash iz so and the other iz n and no iz simplist

so it like a light game it go horizontal shi to vertical tsu then so first place to n second place that line up if over layed az a shi or tsu kana

skjkayoubi at 2018-02-02 15:51:20 UTC

now if i am reading tsu and shi but with out the other that iz where i can get in to trouble reading japaneze kana

jakobd2 at 2018-02-03 07:01:44 UTC

iz nize quiz

to reply.