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[feature request] #tag suggestion/completion

I frequently want to look up a word in a particular field, or with a certain category, but have difficulty remembering any of the #tags that correspond to the particular request type. Could there be some way of, once a user starts typing a '#', some kind of assistant or completion suggestion list appears to indicate what each tag is and what it denotes, as it is difficult to keep referring to the list every time I want to look something up?

Kimtaro Admin at 2017-12-27 00:11:49 UTC

This is a great idea! I'm adding it to my backlog of things to implement.

In the meantime know that you can use the access keys A, K, W and S to quickly move the cursor to the search bar and pre-fill with the relevant tag All (no tag), Kanji (#kanji), Words (#words) and Sentences (#sentences). Access keys vary by browser, but this Wikipedia article lists most of them - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_key#Access_in_different_browsers

RAIJIN at 2018-01-10 23:14:19 UTC

Hi would it be possible to get literal translation of sentences? for example I searched this word 'これまでにない上出来だ' which translates to 'you have done a good jobf' but after looking up each word in the sentence, I was confused.
'ない' means ”nonexistent; not being (there)​” although I understood each individual word in the sentence. to me it read like this 'up untill now you have not done a good job' it was the ’ない part’  that threw me off. so I posted my question online so, someone could answer my question, and within the first 2 reply it was explained to me like this.

'So its sorta like saying “Your past self had not had such a good performance”, implying that they have surpassed their past self. Its a weird translation, but thats the best I can explain it'

'Think of これまでにない as meaning “something which hasn’t existed before this”
–> Your current achievement is better than any which preceded it'

both of those sentences made sense to me and I under stood the sentence.

would it be possible to implement some kind of idea behind the sentences idea section, where it explains the sentence in away that may be a bit weird sounding and ungrammatically incorrect but, it conveys the idea behind the sentence?
because a lot of translations all though grammatically correct in English, do not convey the Japanese way of thinking when it comes to talking. maybe put brackets around the words that seem to throw the translation of the sentence off and when you click it it shows why they used that particle or word there? I hope this makes sense. I have searched a lot of websites for something like this but can't find it.

Thank you :)

Kimtaro Admin at 2018-01-30 23:12:38 UTC

@RAIJIN I'm afraid that something like that is not possible to make as an automated system. It would have to be manual explanations written by people, something which we do not have the resources to do.

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