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can someone help to translate these few lines to English please

1) 知らない世界教えてくれる人
2) 遠回りは覚悟してる
3) ずっとずっと待つんだから

much thanks!

much thanks!

jakobd2 at 2017-12-08 07:18:58 UTC

You will get better song text translations by giving people context.

palakj14 at 2017-12-09 18:49:24 UTC
  1. person that teaches me an unknown world

知らない Shiru (to know) - negative short form
don't know / doesn't know / is not known
世界 sekai - world

short form of verb before noun creates a clause

Need context but
world that is not known / world that I don't know

教えて oshieru (to teach) - te form
 くれる kureru (to give) - short form
Te form plus kureru implies favor or someone doing something for me.

Need context but
teaches me / will teach me

知らない 世界教えてくれる
teaches me (about) an unknown world

人 hito - person
same idea as before: short form verb before a noun creates a clause

person that teaches me (about) an unknown world
person that teaches me (about) a world I don't know

Horizon at 2017-12-25 20:39:44 UTC

so it translates something like

"being prepared to take the long road"

"being counsious it is the long road"

だから-"implies this is the reason" -therefore
so it means something like

"because -subject have been- always waiting"

to reply.