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Searched for "Short Movie" but nothing came about...

If I search for "short story" the term 短編 (taipen) shows up. Should this be fixed? :)

jakobd2 at 2017-10-30 05:16:17 UTC

Searching for "short story" only brings up 短編小説 for me. If you search for just "short", then 短編 (spelled tanpen) comes up. It has "short (e.g. story, film)" as its definition so it should be clear that that also includes the "short as in short movie" meaning. There is also an entry "short film" for 短編映画, maybe you could add the meaning "short movie" there. I'm not an English speaker so I don't know exactly what the differences between film and movie are, so that should be considered maybe.

dijek at 2017-11-07 02:01:30 UTC

Erm, a 'short movie' is the same as a 'short film' or just a 'short' in English.

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