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Economy vs. Economical

For this sentence, I think a better English translation would be "It is economical to buy goods of good quality."

If anyone else has an opinion please feel free to add on.

Leebo at 2017-08-01 23:24:26 UTC

This sentence is from Tatoeba (which is linked on the side of it), so that's where the sentence can be edited, not from here.

I'm not sure what exactly the process is for that, but it seems like the better place to suggest a change, since Jisho is merely importing the sentence over.

jakobd2 at 2017-08-03 04:20:21 UTC

The process is easy. Click on the small link to Tatoeba next to the sentence, log in (or register) and edit the sentence. However, the tatoeba.org website seems to be a little bit in a struggle right now after they had a hardware failure some weeks ago, and some features aren't working correctly.

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