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This is a discussion about 余計

How would you commonly use 余計 in conversation?

Is this something where you would naturally say: 「俺は余計なお金が持っているので、仕事を辞めとく。」?

Zengor at 2017-04-06 13:46:47 UTC

Your sentence doesn't sound very natural at all. I can't exactly correct it since I don't know what nuance you were trying to give.

余計 often has a pretty negative connotation (though not always), especially when used as a な-adjective. It's most commonly seen in sentences like 「余計なことを言うな」, "don't say too much"; and 「余計な世話だ」, which is a sort of warning to stop someone poking their nose in someone's business.

Here's another example:
「余計な謙遜は必要ない」 "There's no need to be so modest" -- here the sentence itself isn't negative, but it's saying the modesty is 'too much', unnecessary,

NeverEndingQuest at 2017-04-18 01:26:02 UTC


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