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Seclude JLPT Searches

If I had hypothetically cleared the N2, and wanted to exclude those vocabulary from a search so that I could figure out what vocabulary is not included in order to collect it into a study guide, is there any way to do that using jisho? Thanks in advance!

Kimtaro Admin at 2017-02-08 19:16:27 UTC

There is no way to exclude certain words from a search. But you can search for each individual JLPT level, like this: http://jisho.org/search/%23words%20%23jlpt-n1

(Note that words can have several JLPT levels, one with kanji and one without, which is why sometimes you may see a JLPT 5 label when searching for JLPT 1. Also note that there are no official data source for JLPT, so the data must be taken with a grain of salt.)

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