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Stroke order diagrams don't show up in Firefox with default HTTPS Everywhere extension

The HTTPS Everywhere extension in Firefox with the Cloudfront.net rule enabled breaks the stroke order diagrams on the kanji pages. This includes both the animation and the still diagrams.

Disabling the Cloudfront.net rule fixes the diagrams. Also, Chromium (and I assume Chrome) does not have this issue with the extension.

Looking at the page source for a kanji page (e.g. 私) only results in a single Cloudfront URL (https://d1w6u4xc3l95km.cloudfront.net/kanji-2015-03/079c1.svg) which seems to work fine with https. So unless it's a Firefox issue, I don't know what's wrong here.

Is this fixable on Jisho's side?

Kimtaro Admin at 2017-01-10 19:30:14 UTC

This was reported a year ago as well (http://jisho.org/forum/54f873bd6e73345bef980000-https-everywhere-and-kanji-stroke-order). From the research I did at the time it seemed to be a general issue for sites on HTTP that use Cloudfront for asset files. I tried a bunch of things to fix it but nothing worked.

What should work is to get an HTTPS certificate for Jisho, which I hope to do this year.

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