11 strokes
cart, car
revolve, turn around, change
Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 3
JLPT level N4
327 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 転 【テン】 altering pronunciation or meaning, word with altered pronunciation or meaning, turning or twisting part of a text (in Chinese poetry)
  • 転換 【テンカン】 conversion, diversion, changeover, commutation, switchover
  • 大回転 【ダイカイテン】 the giant slalom
  • 移転 【イテン】 moving, relocation, change of address, transfer (of deeds, property, etc.), demise

Kun reading compounds

  • 転がる 【ころがる】 to roll, to tumble, to fall over, to roll over, to lie down, to be scattered about, to be common, (of a situation or outcome) to change, to turn out
  • 転げる 【ころげる】 to roll over, to tumble, to roll about (with laughter)
  • 転がす 【ころがす】 to roll, to turn over, to tip over, to throw down, to leave, to buy and sell (quickly for a profit)
  • 転ぶ 【ころぶ】 to fall down, to fall over
  • 転ぶ 【ころぶ】 to fall down, to fall over
  • うたた寝 【うたたね】 dozing, napping (e.g. on the floor in one's clothes, in the train)
  • 眩めく 【くるめく】 to spin, to revolve, to twirl, to be dizzy, to feel faint, to bustle about


zhuan3, zhuai3, zhuan4


  • cambiar
  • girar
  • rodar
  • caerse
  • tropezar
  • dar vueltas
  • volcarse
  • caer


  • revolver
  • voltar a ser
  • mudança


  • rouler
  • tourner
  • changer
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