11 strokes
pierce, 8 1/3lbs, penetrate, brace
Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high
JLPT level N1
1156 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


Stroke order

On reading compounds

  • 貫 【カン】 kan (obs. unit of weight, approx. 3.75 kg, 8.3 lb), kan (obs. unit of currency), pieces of sushi
  • 貫禄 【カンロク】 presence, dignity
  • 終始一貫 【シュウシイッカン】 consistently, unchangingly, throughout
  • 縦貫 【ジュウカン】 running through, traversal

Kun reading compounds

  • 貫く 【つらぬく】 to go through, to pierce, to penetrate, to carry out, to persist, to keep (faith), to stick to (principles), to maintain (independence)
  • 貫 【ぬき】 crosspiece (between pillars, etc.), penetrating tie beam
  • 貫き通す 【つらぬきとおす】 to go through, to pierce, to penetrate, to persist, to stick to, to enforce (one's) will
  • 吹貫き 【ふきぬき】 streamer, pennant
  • 吹き抜き 【ふきぬき】 stairwell, atrium, streamer, pennant


Japanese names:
つら、 ぬく


  • perforar
  • penetrar
  • desempeñar
  • cumplir


  • furar
  • medida de peso com 8 1/ 3 lbs
  • penetrar
  • gancho


  • percer
  • kan (= 3750 g)
  • pénétrer
  • cohérence
  • soutien (renfort)
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