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Na-adjective, Noun
1. chic; smart; stylish; tasteful; refined; sophisticated; worldlyAntonym: 野暮, いき is also written as 意気
2. considerate; understanding; sympathetic
Noun, Na-adjective
3. essence; the best; the creamOnly applies to すい
Other forms
粋 【すい】
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Godan verb with ru ending, intransitive verb
1. to be pretentious; to put on airs; to try to appear smart; to act brave; to try to look cool
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1. red-light district; pleasure quartersSee also 花柳界 かりゅうかい
2. love affair; romance
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Na-adjective, Noun
1. whim; vagary; capriciousness; eccentricity
Other forms
酔狂 【すいきょう】酔興 【すいきょう】
酔興: Out-dated kanji.
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1. stylishness (esp. of a woman working at a nightclub, etc.); sophistication; refinement; class; style
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1. Playing the dandy ruins a manIdiomatic expression
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10 strokes. JLPT N1. Jōyō kanji, taught in junior high.
chic, style, purity, essence, pith, cream, elite, choice
Kun: いき
On: スイ
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    • いきなり
    • ほんにん本人
    • すいか誰何
    • する
    • ぶすい無粋
    • かんが考えました
    I thought it would be boorish to challenge his identity without warning. Tatoeba
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いなせ 【粋】
Female given name
1. Inase
きよし 【粋】
Male given name
1. Kiyoshi
すい 【粋】
Female given name
1. Sui
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