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1. feeling; sensation; mood
2. preparedness; readiness; attitude
3. thanks; solicitude; sympathyHumble (kenjougo)
4. just a little; somewhat; slightly
Other forms
気持 【きもち】
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わる 気持
1. bad feeling; feeling bad; disagreeable; unpleasant; revolting; gross; disgusting
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Expression, I-adjective
1. good feeling; feeling goodSee also 気持ちいい きもちいい, Antonym: 気持ち悪い
Other forms
気持ちよい 【きもちよい】きもち良い 【きもちよい】
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Expression, Suru verb - irregular
1. to sweep away the stresses of the day; to unwind; to refresh the mind
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Expression, Godan verb with mu ending
1. to consider others' feelings; to sympathize with somebody's feelingsusu. 気持ちを汲んで
Other forms
気持ちをくむ 【きもちをくむ】
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Expression, Godan verb with su ending
1. to distract a person's attentionSee also 注意を逸らす ちゅういをそらす
Other forms
気持ちをそらす 【きもちをそらす】
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Expression, Ichidan verb
1. to pull oneself together; to focus one's mind; to brace oneself; to gird up one's loinsSee also 気を引き締める きをひきしめる
Other forms
気持を引き締める 【きもちをひきしめる】
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  • 74059
    • ただ
    • ちょうしをあわせ調子を合わせている
    • じゃない
    • ほんとう本当に
    • わたし私の
    • きも気持ち
    • 分かっていて
    • どうじょう同情
    • している
    • だった
    He wasn't just humouring me. Those were the eyes of someone who really understood my feelings and sympathised. Tatoeba
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きもち 【木持】
Family or surname
1. Kimochi