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Can't draw on Samsung tablet

Hi! When I try to draw a kanji on my tablet (Galaxy Note 8.0) I can't see the strokes even though the recognition works perfectly well. This happens both with the S-pen and with my fingers. I'm running Android 4.4.1

On the other hand, on my Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.4.2 everything works just fine. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

ianfenix at 2017-05-13 21:39:49 UTC

EDIT: The Android version is the same for both devices: 4.4.2

I've tried with Chrome, Chrome Beta and the default browser with no success. It's like the strokes were transparent... Maybe the color does not set correctly and it defaults to the one used for the canvass? I don't know.

Kimtaro Admin at 2017-05-23 21:57:56 UTC

I've received a few similar reports of drawing working but not displaying anything. Thanks for the detailed report, I'll add it to the others and hope to find a fix.

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