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If i want to say "I'll feed the cat later" which "feed" should I use?

I'm looking for the verb (action of feeding pet) Which verb should i use ?
食わす? 食わせる? 飼う?
Would appreciate to find out the difference between them

Zengor at 2017-01-05 05:55:57 UTC

You would normally use 餌をやる, not any of the verbs you mentioned. 餌 means "bait" or, as in this case, "(animal) food". やる in this case means "to give", specifically to someone "below" you, so it applies to giving to animals.

But still, to help with your question about the verbs, 食わせる and 食わす are essentially the same (causative 食う, both the gramatical standard and another common rendition), meaning literally "to make or let eat".
飼う is completely unrelated to feeding or eating at all, it's a verb meaning to raise or to keep an animal. So you would say 猫を飼っている to mean "have a cat"

Joysen at 2017-01-05 16:54:32 UTC

Ahhh I see. Thanks @zengor !!

IGGYiggyIGGY at 2017-01-18 04:18:18 UTC

neko ni tabemono o agemasu

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